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Moonshine & Life Lessons

Prohibition, Moonshine, & the Mob

Judy Dugan gives us a toast

Judy Dugan told us the history of how prohibition lead to the unintended consequence of creating Organized Crime. Prior to prohibition in 1920, crime existed but it was local to each city. Prohibition outlawed the production, transportation, and selling of alcohol - but not drinking! So if you had the resources to store liquor before prohibition took effect, you were in good shape. Those that didn't relied on rum runners and moonshiners. Crime bosses in each major city made agreements to transport and distribute alcohol. Judy gave us a good lesson, but failed to supply samples!


Life Lessons in From the Strangest Places

Corinne Westphal with Spike, Fussel, & Kazu

Corinne Westphal shared life lessons she has gleaned from her three dogs: Kazu, Spike, and Fussel. Each dog has a different personality and a different way of approaching the world. Fussel is patient, and will sit for long periods of time until the moment is right for the hunt. Spike is bold with little patience. He will charge head long, boldly going where no dog has gone before. With limited success. Kazu gives from the heart, and wants nothing more than undivided attention. Rubs and scratches. Corinne left us with the following life lessons:

1. Be patient & be bold. And know when to be which.

2. Give from the heart. It will never fail you.

3. Engage. Fully engage.

4. Be loyal. And be deserving of loyalty.

5. Embrace life like it's the last squirrel on Earth.

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