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100 Years & Leadership


Marcia Eldredge gave us a history of the Women’s Suffrage movement. It’s been one hundred years since women achieved the right to vote in the United States. In 1869, the National Woman Suffrage Association was founded by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. They began to fight for a universal-suffrage amendment to the U.S. Constitution. WWI slowed the suffragists’ campaign but helped them advance their argument. Women’s work on behalf of the war effort proved that they were just as patriotic and deserving of citizenship as men. On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified. And on November 2 of that year, more than 8 million women across the United States voted in elections for the first time.



Katharine Miller discovered that leadership is a skill to be learned – not something you are naturally born with. After taking the Toastmaster’s leadership questionnaire, she was not surprised to be rated as a Democratic leader. This is a person who prefers to work with teams, and have a consensus of the group determine direction and outcomes. Through Toastmasters, she wants to continue to grow as a leader. She realizes that it is difficult to mentor and motivate others if she is not comfortable herself.

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