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KTVZ News Visit to Our Club

We were thrilled to host Tracee Tuesday from KTVZ at our recent club meeting. During the meeting, we were fortunate to have two outstanding speakers who delivered captivating speeches.


Sam Sarsten delivered a speech titled "WTF is SEO," providing a comprehensive exploration of the world of SEO and highlighting its crucial role in achieving business success. His speech underscored the often overlooked potential for businesses and offered valuable insights to all attendees. Sam is the founder of Thencan Designs, located in Bend, Oregon.

Jennifer Hawkins's speech, "Europe or Bust," served as an engaging icebreaker as she shared her upcoming bicycle adventure to Europe. Her enthusiasm and storytelling skills truly captivated the audience, leaving everyone inspired and excited for her journey.

"A special thanks to Lorelei Kryzanek for skillfully hosting our Memorial Day-themed table topics session, providing an opportunity for participants to hone their impromptu speaking skills."

As always, our meeting was filled with camaraderie and growth, allowing everyone to develop their speaking abilities further." If the idea of enhancing your communication skills feels daunting, our club provides a supportive and nurturing environment for personal growth. We invite you to join us and conquer your speaking fears, ultimately fostering a genuine passion for effective communication in any setting.


We extend our gratitude to Eileen McLellan and Joe Nickelson for graciously sharing their Toastmasters experiences with KTVZ News. For those interested, you can read the full KTVZ News article here:

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