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Antidotes & A Letter

Updated: Apr 5, 2020


Jesse Kingdon gave his Icebreaker speech: My life in antidotes. He grew up in Indiana, then spent time in the Peace Corps in Eastern Europe. He married Trish who was a traveling nurse. They moved from city to city as she received new assignments. Jesse worked for several fish and wildlife agencies. It was a difficult decision to settle down in one place, but Bend’s outdoor lifestyle was too good to ignore. Jesse now works at Suterra, a global leader in environmentally sustainable pest control.



Clayton Horn shared his background and life’s lessons. After making some poor decisions early in life, he wrote a letter to himself which he kept in his wallet for inspiration. When times were hard he would pull the letter out and read it. He credits this for what he has achieved. Life is good and his future is bright. He is now an Operating Partner for Plankers Sandwiches in Bend and happily married. He welcomes the leadership opportunities offered as part of our Toastmaster’s club.

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