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Mary Lou Manlove

Ilene Kulk spoke fondly of her current mentor, Mary Lou Manlove. Ilene was someone who always looked to herself for self-development. She had enjoyed two successful careers of twenty years each. So when she decided to become a colorist, she approached it the same way. Then she met Mary Lou, who had been working in the field for decades. Mary Lou has become an inspiration and a revered guide to the process of understanding color.



Cheri Redgrave took the Toastmaster’s communication guide, only to discover she must have a split personality. Having equal scores for both Initiating and Supportive communication styles, she is sociable, enthusiastic, energetic, and spontaneous; and at the same time personal, relaxed, approachable, sincere and gentle. She thinks she is able to balance these two diverse styles because one is more individual while the other is better for communicating with teams. Most importantly, she simply wants to hear your stories.

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