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Best Shot & Fate

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Take Your Best Shot

Joe Nickelson spoke about life lessons learned while playing golf in Florida. Swing after swing Joe had little success finding the hole. Finally his golf partner told him that it's not how hard you swing your club, it's how you strike the ball.

From this Joe gathered three points:

1. Step back and take the time to look where you want to go

2. Practice, practice, practice

3. Accept feedback


As Fate Would Have It

Baby Ilene

Ilene Kulk told us the story of her entire life, beginning with her birth in Forest Hills, NY. She has spent her life hearing the words of her parents: "You can do anything" from her father, "But you're just not good enough" from her mother. Despite these contradictory messages, she has had two successful careers. First a fashion designer, and then a fashion photographer. She has now retired to Bend - or is she?

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