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Change & Mentorship

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Managing Change

Eileen McLellan speaks about change

Eileen McLellan's speech tonight focused on the eight steps of change as described by John Cotter. Those steps are:

1. Create a sense of urgency

2. Build a guiding coalition

3. Form a strategic vision

4. Enlist a volunteer army

5. Enable action by removing barriers

6. Generate short term wins

7. Sustain acceleration

8. Institute change

Mentorship 101

Raj Gopalakrishnan talks about mentorship and food

Raj Gopalakrishnan talked about his personal relationships and mentors in our Toastmaster club. Setting realistic goals are important to him. His focus is not only giving speeches, but learning English grammar and punctuation. Learning is a life long adventure for Raj, and he is enjoying the shared legacy he experiences in the club. He also enjoys cooking and sharing his feasts.

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