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Control & A Bear


Planker's sandwich

Control freaks are every where in our lives, the question is, are you one? Clayton Horn admits that he is one. After taking the leadership evaluation test, Clayton shared why being in control is a leadership style that he developed working as a restaurant manager. On the plus side, Toastmasters has made him a better listener, which is a skill that he is grateful to have acquired.



Nevada Fills, Yosemite

Have you ever been stalked by a bear? Katharine Miller had that experience as a child while on a family vacation hiking Nevada Falls in Yosemite National Park. Katharine's family, along with two park rangers, were followed by a bear the entire climb. At the top the bear was successfully discouraged by the park rangers, after the family had abandoned their delicious lunches. No one was hurt, including the bear, but it was an encounter that Katharine will never forget.

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