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Gas Tax & More

This was a 3 speech week with no Table Topics


Joe Nickelson spoke about where your tax money goes. He made the point that we need to put more of our tax dollars towards fixing the roads and general infrastructure. But this was not the point of the speech. Three members of the club were chosen prior to the meeting to be disruptive while he was speaking. One person talked to another member through the duration of the speech. One person challenged every point, while the third was making distracting noises. Joe handled it all in stride.


Raj Gopalakrishnan

Raj Gopalakrishnan thinks we are far too serious about ourselves and we need to lighten up. And lighten up our speech. He told us a few jokes, and encouraged us to use jokes or funny stories to improve our speeches.


Katharine Miller gave her Icebreaker. She focused on three events - visiting Morocco, meeting her husband, and spending time with her grandmother. Katharine has a natural speaking style, and we welcome her to our club.

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