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Hunting & Ganbatte

Elk Hunting Protege

Clayton Horn shows off his bow

Clayton Horn taught us about elk hunting and bow basics. His mentor is Maxwell, who taught him about archery, ethics, hunting basics and locations. Most importantly, your shots need to match your skill level. No one wants to injure an animal, you need a kill shot. He has realized that it's okay to be with a friend that has different techniques than yours.

Clayton did a 'show & tell' with his bow. He described the types of arrows he uses and what accessories he has equipped on his weapon of choice.



Corinne Westphal honors Raj Gopalakrishnan

Corinne Westphal taught us the word 'ganbatte', which translates to 'perseverance'. That is the best word to describe fellow Toastmaster Raj Gopalakrishnan. When Raj joined our club one year ago he was very shy. Since then he has tackled one challenge after another. He has studied grammar and pronunciation. He has successfully filled every club role, and is now our Sergeant-At-Arms. His speeches have been thoughtful, warm, and funny. Corinne created a special shirt for Raj. We all hope that Raj will remain a cherished member of our club for a long time.

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