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Ice Breaker & Bob


Curtis Edwards heading south for an adventure.

Curtis Edwards took a second stab at his Ice Breaker. He focused on his time living in Chile. He spent several years "chasing summer". He worked in the United States during spring, summer, and fall. Then, when it's winter here, he moved south to enjoy the summer weather. He surfed and bar-tended. I'm sure there are many, many more stories that will reveal themselves as Curtis entertains us with future stories.


Bob Shaw entertains us with his life stories.

Bob Shaw is the first guest speaker at Communicators Plus. Bob is the Chief Meteorologist at KTVZ-TV, Bend's local news station. He gave us a brief summary of his life, and his 'late-bloomer' start in news at age 50. He is an icon in the Bend community and most of us wake up to his weather reports. Bob was extremely generous with his time considering he begins work at the station at 2:30am each weekday. Everyone enjoyed his stories and a good time was had by all. Plus we learned the origin of his tag line "Have a Sparkling Day".

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