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Updated: May 17, 2020

This was a three speech week with no table topics


Shelly Roby

Shelly Roby is a self-help guru. She became interested as a teen, and was inspired by Oprah Winfrey and Tony Robbins. As a morning show producer, she was up and on the road at one in the morning. She simply saw it as living her dream. Until she met Phil McGraw. He was impressed with her and she made the jump for local television to Oprah. Now living in Bend, she produces online content. Her new intention is: “I am a powerful, confident, producer. I work with integrity, lead with my heart, and am in service to all of humanity.”


Cascade Winds

Kate Tiernan told us a story of being the Executive Director of the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra. She had goosebumps at the first rehearsal she attended, and was allowed to sit in the center of the orchestra. Recently she has had a similar experience, sitting in at a dress rehearsal for the Cascade Winds. She encouraged our club members to do the same, to experience the winds and the wonderful musicians that comprise the band.


Bill Martin

If Bill Martin was a building, he would be historic. This was Bill’s fifth ice breaker, and he gave the newer members a short background of his life. Growing up in Boston, Bill joined the military after high school. He found a love of blowing things up, and eventually became an explosives instructor. His later years were spent in the Forest Service. Upon retirement, Bill became a stand-up comedian as well as a Distinguished Toastmaster.

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