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Passions & More

The first week of the month features 3 or 4 speeches and no table topics


Passions & Frustrations

Cascade Winds in concert

Cheri Redgrave is the President of the Cascade Winds. This musical group performs 3 times a year and is one of Central Oregon's oldest musical organizations. Cheri has a personal mission to make the group "free" for the musicians. Many of the large performing groups require a fee to be a member. She has chaired 3 successful auctions to raise money for the group.


Visual Thinking Strategies

Kate Tiernan gave a lesson in "Visual Thinking Strategies". It is an inquiry-based teaching method where a work of art is presented and the following questions are asked:

1. What's going on in this picture?

2. What do you see what makes you say that?

3. What more can we find?

She gave us 3 examples from different periods. The club was fascinated by her presentation, with several members asking to stay after the end of the meeting to discuss the art.


Highlights Reel

Curtis Edwards riding a wave

Curtis Edwards gave his Ice Breaker. He has lead a life of adventure, following the sun and surf. For many years he spent the summers in the US, and the winters in Chile, South America. Never married at 49 he says - "What's the rush?". He has recently settled in Bend and he is a wonderful addition to our Toastmaster's club. We are looking forward to many more action packed stories.

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