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Pathways Awards August 2019

Presented by Joe Nickelson, President
Christina Grijalva receives Strategic Relationship award

Christina Grijalva completed the Strategic Relationship Pathway.

Level 1 Completions

Clayton Horn - Visionary Communication

Emily Touchette - Presentation Mastery

Erica Heuer - Leadership Development

Nils Westphal - Visionary Communication

Bill Martin - Motivational Strategies

Level 2 Completions

Cheri Redgrave - Innovative Planning

Raj Gopalakrishnan - Team Collaboration

Level 3 Completions

Joe Nickelson - Presentation Mastery

Sydney Baker - Motivational Strategies

Level 4 Completions

Lorelei Kryzanek - Motivational Strategies

Cheri Redgrave - Motivational Strategies

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