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President's Own & Jump


The President's Own Marine Band

Cheri Redgrave gave a speech about the President's Own, the premiere musical ensemble for the Armed Forces. They were founded in 1798 by Congress and is Americas oldest continuously active professional musical organization. This group has played for every presidential inaugural since Thomas Jefferson. After giving some facts about the band and some of the history, Cheri concluded with a performance of the Star Wars main theme. You may listen to it by searching YouTube for: WILLIAMS Star Wars: Main Title - "The President's Own".



Joe Nickelson shared pictures from his first tandem sky diving adventure. It went from 'Time to Jump' to ' What was I thinking?' to 'This is awesome!'. In order to accomplish a goal you don't need to do all of the steps, just the next step. It was after this jump that he joined Toastmasters. We all know that giving a speech is scarier than jumping from a plane.

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