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Procrastinators & More

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

The first meeting of the month features 3 or 4 speeches and no table topics.


Raj Gopalakrishnan shows us the inner workings of his brain.

Raj Gopalakrishnan gave us insight into his procrastinator's mind. He tells us that the only difference between a procrastinator and a non-procrastinator is the Instant Gratification Monkey. The monkey is only interested in fun and easy adventures. Why do work when there is a season of Game of Thrones waiting? What scares the monkey? The Panic Monster. It appears when a work deadline is near.



Joe Nickelson with cat ears

Joe Nickelson presented a strategy for our club's social media. He talked about Facebook, Google, Meetup, and our website. He described it as 'polishing the shell'. Joe used presentation software to describe the fears, needs, wants, and desires, as well as the pains and gains. At the end of the speech Joe did a call to action to our club members. Sign up at Meetup. Enter comments and likes. Everything to improve our social media presence and allow potential new club members to find us. While I could have given you a picture of Joe during his speech, I much prefer this one where he is finishing up our meeting with cat ears.



Marcia Eldredge tells us of her painful fall

Marcia Eldredge took a bad spill while hurrying to an appointment. She initially thought she was okay, but as the days went on she became much, much worse. Sore muscles lead to being unable to move her head, then waking up and not being able to move. Finally ending up the emergency room, Marcia learned she has a torn rotator cup. Multiple injections have eased some of the pain but she is still struggling. We all appreciated her efforts to attend our meeting and tell us her story. Her lesson to us was to be sure to take the time to arrive safely.



Jodi Compton shares open mike techniques

Jodie Compton is a member of Bend Chamber Toastmasters. She came to tell us about the open mike night which takes place 10/17/19. She gave us tips and techniques to have a successful stand-up act. Most important was to be prepared, never try to wing it. You can even use notes. Just bring the notes and a glass of water on stage, and place the notes with the water. Then you can take a drink and glance down at your notes. She warned about never using someone else's material. And her suggestion for a close - "That's my time, you guys have been great!"

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I love this group. How is that possible - when I'm a socially awkward introvert??? I feel very comfortable here, learning how to communicate more effectively. I have a long way to go, but listening to and being around other people who have been where I am and who are eager to help when asked - well . . . it keeps me coming back week after week. The people are awesome, the speeches are creative and informative, and it's a lot of fun.

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