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Reflections & Color


Cheri Redgrave's two DTM medals

This was Cheri Redgrave's last speech in the Strategic Relationships path. She picked this path because of her work with non-profit music ensembles in the Bend area. Cheri began her Toastmaster journey in Portland with the Electric Toasters in the early 1990s. Several changes of job and about 15 years later, she ended up in Bend with Communicators Plus. Cheri loves her club and has completed 2 DTMs. She is working in the Innovative Planning path and just purchased the Engaging Humor path. Cheri is the VP of Public Relations for her club and recently joined a second club - Toastmasters of Redmond.



Ilene Kulk's personal color palette

Ileen Kulk showed us the four seasons of fashion color. Fashion colorists are able to give you a personalized palette of colors that will make you stand out in a crowd. She showed us colors beginning with spring and working through winter. The colors are based on hair color, eye color, and skin tone. Each person is given a individualize range of colors for different purposes. Ileen is studying to become a colorist. It's never too late for a third career!

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