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Roy Edgar & Sword


Ed Russell, WW2

Cheri Redgrave spoke about how her father influenced her and gave her many words to live by. He never liked Roy and shortened Edgar to Ed. She believes sitting on his lap while he played the piano was instrumental in her love for music. He entered WW2 as a buck private and left as a 2nd Lieutenant, all battlefield promotions. Despite his experiences, she never heard him raise his voice or argue. In fact one of his favorite expressions were words that Cheri lives by: If you want a lot of friends, never discuss religion or politics. Ed Russell had many, many friends.



Raj Gopalakrishnan told the story of the Sword and the Stone. He did a fantastic job, using gestures, vocal variety, and tempo changes. He drew in the audience by asking questions and setting the stage for the story. He lengthened the story by describing the characters and giving a great back story. Then he told the familiar story with a fresh spin. It was delightful.

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