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Same Ole & DNA

Updated: Sep 8, 2020


Ilene Kulk enjoys walking with her husband through Bend’s Drake Park. It’s the same walk, same park, every day. Or is it? Ilene shared her photos of the changing seasons. Beautiful spring flowers, sunny summers, fall foliage, and snowy winters. In past speeches she has shown us the different bird species who enjoy Mirror Pond. Now she is focusing on a few trees and their seasonal variations. Her photos are beautiful and she encourages all of us to enjoy Bend’s beauty.



Cheri Redgrave shared with the club her search for her birth family. She is now finding pictures from obituaries that have a remarkable resemblance. And one new facebook friend that may be a cousin. She has submitted a dna sample to, and time will tell if there are matches or not. Cheri is curious to know the answer to the ‘nature vs nurture’ question, and want to know “are the people who laugh like me?”

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