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Shelter & A Virtual Life


Curtis Edwards gave a second speech on Korazon, which is a non-profit homeownership community project. This speech focused on the lack of affordable housing in Bend. The median home lists for $550K. A 20% down payment is $110K. This is simply not possible for many residents, particularly first-time buyers. Working in conjunction with Housing Works of Central Oregon, Korazon will be offering five attainable, goal zero-energy homes in 2020.



Mob Museum, Las Vegas

Judy Dugan gave us a tour of the Mob Museum in Las Vegas. As part of her experience, she signed up for the Firearm Training Simulator. Judy is not one that enjoys shooting, but she embraced this opportunity. She was given a simulated firearm and was assigned a trainer. She was told to watch the hands of the possible criminal rather than listening to their words. Judy failed at this the first time and was killed in the initial role-paying scenario. On a second try she did much better, unfortunately shooting everyone regardless of their guilt. We are glad she was only a virtual cop.

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