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Smell the Roses & More

This was a four speech night with no table topics


Jacob Johnson gave his Icebreaker tonight. He shared his challenge of losing his sense of smell after suffering from a fall that caused olfactory nerve damage in his brain. He told us that he struggles with memory loss and speaking, but he was very impressive. We would have never guessed that he was suffering from anything other than the nerves that accompany anyone's first speech. Great job Jacob!



Shelly Roby has devoted herself to a life long study of self-help. She read her first books on the subject as a teen and never stopped. As an adult she has worked with several self-help leaders. She explained that we are all trying to figure out life, that for the most part we 'wing it'. She recently discovered that through self reflection, everything that she needs is actually inside herself. We welcome Shelly as a new Toastmaster.



Katharine Miller shared a close encounter with a bear that she had as a child. This was Katharine's second telling of this story. Her challenge was to take the feedback from her first telling and apply it to a second version of the same speech. The story was refined and polished, a great example of how we learn to shape and refine our speeches.



Cheri Redgrave is beginning the process of a High Leadership Project. This was the introductory speech where she defined her project. She plans to hold a silent auction for the Cascade Winds. She has her work team in place, but needed an advisory committee. She asked for volunteers from the club, and now has four people to help track her progress.

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