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Updated: Jun 8, 2020


SpaceX Falcon 9

On May 30th SpaceX had it’s first manned launch, taking two men to the space station. Eileen McLellan wanted to know what made Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken the lucky NASA astronauts. What were their personal success characteristics? She began looking at successful people and found the following three traits: Focus, Passion, and Vulnerability. That it’s okay to have fears, but address them and continue moving forward.




Shrinkflation is a term made up of two separate words: shrink and inflation. The "shrink" in shrinkflation relates to the change in product size, while the "flation" part refers to inflation—the rise in the price level. Ilene Kulk instructed us in shrinkflation, which is basically a form of hidden inflation. Companies are aware that customers will likely spot product price increases and so opt to reduce the size of them instead, mindful that minimal shrinkage will probably go unnoticed. More money is squeezed out not by lifting prices but by charging the same amount for a package containing a little bit less. Note the toilet paper rolls. They look like they are the same size, but one has a bigger core - which means less sheets per roll.

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