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Two Lives & Blue Zones


Robert Schuter has enjoyed two lives. His first was a military one, where he was an officer in the Navy. He was in Berlin when the wall came down. His view of the world was extremely black and white. Good and evil. Since leaving the Navy and going into business his views have tempered. As Co-Founder and President of Element 1 Corporation he strives to lead by example – to listen more and talk less. A new member to Communicators Plus, he is looking forward to new friends and new challenges.



There are a few cities in the world that are referred to as Blue Zones. The people living in these cities have low rates of chronic disease and live longer than anywhere else. Marcia Eldredge explained the nine factors: Sense of purpose, moving naturally, down shifting, plant slant, never overeating, wine, faith based, loved ones live near, and the right tribe. So walk your dog, eat a moderate amount of veggies with your wine and then take a nap!

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